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Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Update

I thank God for the way he's moving at People's Church. We saw 34 people receive Christ as Lord and savior this weekend. YEA GOD!

Here are some things I hope you remembered about this weekend’s message.

1. Every weekend is somebody's first weekend to attend People's Church and to experience the life-changing power of Christ. For the last 3 months, we have averaged 38 new families visiting People's Church EACH WEEKEND. EVERY WEEKEND COUNTS! EVERY WEEKEND MATTERS!

2. People's Church prays like it depends on God and works like it depends on us to create a worship service that you WANT to invite your family and friends to. We are partnering with you to help you reach your family, friends and co-workers for Christ. This week, be sure to invest in somebody who doesn't know Christ.

3. There are only a few things that matter. Many people chase after a lot of things that really don't matter. People spend a great deal of time, energy and resources on things that in a thousand years won't amount to a hill of beans. One of the things that really matters is, we must take as many people to heaven with us and help them live their entire life for Christ. God has strategically placed you where you are so that you can be salt and light. Be sure to bear fruit that will last. Only what we do for Christ really counts!

4. I'm excited that MANY of you signed up to get involved in one of the many ministries at People's Church. You are helping us create an IRRESISTIBLE CHURCH for more lives to be changed and for the church to continue to grow. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE AN INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE BY USING YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS TO ADVANCE THE CAUSE OF CHRIST THROUGH THE LOCAL CHURCH.