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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Staff Meeting

Today is my staff meeting day. I am meeting with my executive team at 9AM. I had lunch with these two guys yesterday and am having a follow up meeting with them this morning. I meet with my executive team more than anybody else in our church because I am developing them and putting my DNA in them. These two men are high capacity leaders and have the ability to run the entire church so that I can be freed up to do what God has called me to do; lead, cast vision, pray and preach God's Word. The bigger our church gets, I have to do less and less so that we can continue to reach more and more people for Christ. I am learning the art of delegation. It's not always fun to delegate because there are some things that I like to do, but they're not the things that I need to be doing and have to be doing so that we can continue reach more people for Christ. It's easy for any leader to be the bottle neck in his or her organization. EVERY THING RISES AND FALLS ON LEADERSHIP! I REFUSE TO BE THE BOTTLE NECK AT PEOPLE'S CHURCH!

After my executive meeting, I will be meeting with our leadership team for an hour our so. It will be a very productive day with our team.