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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knowing What You’re Called To Do

It's so important that you know what you're called to do. This can be dictated by God's call, your season of life or by your God inspired priorities. Without knowing what you’re called to do, you will do a lot of good things but miss out on doing the best things. Here are some ways that this is playing out in my life:

1. My family and I get asked to do lunch, dinners and a host of other wonderful opportunities. We say no a lot of the time because our family is a top priority. I believe my greatest calling outside of being a follower of Christ and the best way that I lead People's Church, is to first pastor my own family.

2. I receive many wonderful opportunities to travel and speak. Because of my season of life (my kid’s ages are 6, 5, 4 & 2), I say no to many speaking engagements so that I can be a daddy to my kids. This is a season for me to invest in my little kids, and one day, Tiffany and I will be able to travel and speak out more.

3. I've been asked to write a book but now is not the time. I believe one day I will write a book, but I feel during this season of ministry that God has called me to focus my attention, leadership energy and time on investing into People's Church and its leaders.

I've learned that not every opportunity, even good opportunities are not God. Just because there is an open door doesn't mean you should step through it. It's about knowing God's calling on your life. It's about knowing your season of life. It's about knowing your God inspired priorities.