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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interesting Things About Me

1. I don't do much of my studying and message preparation at the church office. I prefer a coffee shop.

2. I enjoy being alone. I am energized by being alone.

3. I am a huge planner. I am on edge if I don't have my calendar planned out for six months to a year.

4. I am more of an introvert than an extrovert.

5. I speak what's on my mind. Those closest to me always know what I'm thinking and feeling about myself, life and them.

6. I am a black or white person. I rarely see things in shades of gray. Either it's right or it's wrong.

7. I do not like to feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

8. I really like food. Eating good food brings me pleasure.

9. I enjoy a good cup of decaf coffee or decaf Americano. I like steamed half and half poured on top of my coffee.

10. Listening to and watching sermons of other pastors is one of my hobbies. I enjoy hearing God's Word taught.