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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Compare Game

Don't compare your church to others because:

1. You will always be depressed because you are not them and they are not you

2. Their circumstances are different than yours

3. What works for them may not work for you

4. They may be in a season of reaping, and you may be in a season of sowing

5. They may have paid a private price for their public success that you are not aware of

6. You may base their progress on things you can see, and it could be that their progress is from the intangibles you cannot see

7. Their community is totally different than your community

8. They may be a 1-talent person, and you may be a 5-talent person. Jesus is rewarding us for being faithful with the talent(s) He gave us, not them

9. A fast-growing church doesn't mean it's a successful church. A church can have amazing growth, and the pastor and/or his family is falling apart. You can do the work of God, and it can destroy the work God wants to do in you.

10. You will never enjoy life and ministry if you are always comparing yourself and your church to others.