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Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. WOW! What a GREAT Sunday at People's Church!

2. We had the biggest attendance ever! 3254 people came, and 157 people gave their lives to Christ! UNBELIEVABLE!

3. The Thriller encore performance was great! It was a great way to intro my message on Defeating The Dark Side.

4. The message went well. I know God did a big work in the hearts of many people.

5. I taught about how we all struggle with temptation (the dark side) and how to overcome the dark side.

6. I also taught our church the process to sin. Understanding this is key to defeating the dark side.

7. My Oklahoma Sooners looked good.

8. I can't believe USC got beat by Washington. HA HA HA!

9. I didn't like how Nebraska got beat at the end of the game. I wanted them to represent the Big 12 with a win.

10. This coming up Sunday, there is going to be a coffin at church. I can't tell you the BIG surprise! You better be at church this coming up Sunday!

11. Lead Me To The Cross and Moving Forward are two great worship songs.

12. Our Production Team is hitting it out of the park!

13. Thank you, volunteers, for serving every week. Lives are being changed because of your faithfulness and passion to minister to others!

14. If Ronnie Brown gets 8 points tonight, I will win 4 out of 5 Fantasy Football games.

15. My Dallas Cowboys lost. Tony Romo hurt us big time! Come on Romo!

16. I am fighting a cold. My family are all fighting colds as well. I appreciate you praying for us.

17. God is good!