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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anything Short Of Sin pt. 2

I want to share a list of things that People's Church has done that would be considered anything short of sin to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

1. We have used secular music in some of our videos to drive home a point.

2. We played secular music in our parking lot to drive home a message. (Our parking lot is wired with speakers)

3. We had a drum line march through the auditorium with a marching beat that you would recognize at a football game.

4. We have done some series and mail outs that have gotten us some interesting feedback from the religious community. A couple of series that come to mind are Victorious Secrets and Nip/Tuck. Some of the messages and conversations our administrative staff have had with religious people are hilarious. The current series we are in is called WICKED, and we had a lady from the community who left a voicemail asking if we sacrificed children! Are you kidding me!? LOL!

5. We will sing a secular song if it drives home a point we are trying to communicate.

6. We performed a dance routine to Michael Jackson's video Thriller.

7. After our last experience is over, all of the big screen TV's have the NFL football games showing. This draws men to church.

8. We have TV's in the men's bathrooms above all the urinals. Men are the hardest group to reach, and this is another tool to reach out to men.

The list above are examples of things we do that would be considered anything short of sin to reach as many people as possible. Everything we do at People's Church has a purpose. We aren't doing things just to be cool. Our motivation and passion is to reach people who don't know Christ! Our passion is to create unforgettable experiences that excite and inspire our church people to bring their un-churched friends to check out what God is doing at People's Church. It's all about MORE CHANGED LIVES!