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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Are Making A Difference

When I was in college, I was sold out to God. One of the highlights in college was playing college football. There were many guys on the football team that looked up to me and called me "Rev", but they didn't serve God in spite of my witnessing to them and encouraging them to follow God. I would even drop by some of their dorm rooms from time to time to talk about Christ and answer any questions they had, but I didn't see many of them turn their lives over to God. Many of them continued to live wild lifestyles all through college.

Fast forward this story twelve years: I graduated from college twelve years ago. About a month ago one of the football players and I became Facebook friends. We exchanged phone numbers through Facebook, and then a week or so later, he called me (he lives out of state). I called him back, and my old college football friend was ready to turn his life over to Christ. He told me that his life had hit rock bottom and that he had been thinking about me for the last six months. When he saw me on Facebook, he said he knew it was a sign from God (I'm in tears as I type this). He was scared to call me, but knew he was supposed to call me. Over the last week, I've led my old college friend to the Lord. We have talked and texted many times over the past week. He went to church on Sunday and is totally surrendering his life to Christ! I'm so excited for my friend!

You Are Making A Difference When....

1. You live for Christ

2. You love people unconditionally

3. You teach kids and teenagers about God

4. You volunteer your time at your local church and in your community

5. You spend time investing in others

6. You stand up for Christ even when it's not popular

7. You share Christ with others even though you don't see it making a difference

Blogging friends, you are making a difference!