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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday's Download

1. I had a GREAT weekend!

2. My wife and I went on a movie date on Thursday night. The movie was horrible, but we enjoyed being together. We went out for dessert after the movie.

3. On Friday morning, we took the kids outside, and they rode their bikes. We hung out as a family the rest of the day and then went on a family date night.

4. Saturday was my birthday. We took the kids outside again to ride bikes. We grilled hamburgers and had a blast at the house. That is my kind of birthday—to be with the ones I love the most.

5. On Sunday, we had a great day at church. Dad Fest 2009 was incredible! Worship was amazing. Eric, Jamie and the entire worship team do a wonderful job. They all have great hearts.

6. We gave away 6 flat screen TV's and 10 recliners to some lucky dads.

7. I thought the message went really well. I love speaking to men about being better husbands and dads. It's a passion of mine.

8. We had over 2400 in attendance in the middle of the summer. With God's continued blessing, we should be running over 3000 really soon.

9. There was a lot of excitement in the building yesterday!

10. Many people gave their lives to Christ! It was the most we've had come to Christ in one Sunday in a while. Probably since Easter! Thank you, God, for washing away sins and giving new life through Christ!

11. The muscle cars on stage looked really awesome. We will post some pictures of the stage tomorrow.

12. This Sunday is God Is Merciful! Thank you, God, for your great mercy!

13. July 19 is the Grand Opening Celebration of our new facility! COME ONE, COME ALL! It's going to be the biggest day EVER at PC!

14. On Sunday evening, our family made an unplanned trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. Yummy wings! Then we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. What a Father's Day!

15. This morning, Cale, Cade and Caris climbed in bed with Tiffany and me. We played, talked and sang songs together. Precious moments!

16. Time for me to crank out some work! I love what I do!