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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's On My Mind

1. The Bible is so simple and so hard at the same time. Love God with ALL your heart and love your neighbor as yourself (so simple). I'm still working on both (so hard).

2. I don't rest well during busy and hectic seasons. This season is almost over (the building is almost done), and I am going to rest my mind. It's racing 100 miles an hour right now.

3. My wife and I have been talking a lot about how we can help people get more connected and grow spiritually.

4. Planning and working on our Wednesday night bible studies and small groups launching at People's Church in August.

5. I am very grateful for such a great staff. Most of our staff have been around a long time, and I'm grateful for their longevity and commitment to the vision of PC. I'm also grateful that they've put up with me - a driven and crazy man of God.

6. I need to trust God at a greater level.

7. I like to do ministry with people I like. That really is important to me.

8. We are interviewing for a couple of positions, and I'm learning how much I value integrity and loyalty. Those things are big to me. I also value just flat out liking somebody. If I don't like somebody or if I have to work to like them, I don't hire them.

9. I really want to please and honor Jesus. I really love Him! I really want to bring Him glory with my life! These thoughts consume me!