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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Sunday at 9am, 10:30am & 12pm is Dad Fest 2009! We will be giving away big screen TV's and leather recliners in every experience. There will be muscle cars on stage and littered all around the PC campus. I will be teaching an inspiring and encouraging message to men! Check out the promo video below.

2. Don't only bring your dad, or dads, bring your kids, but be sure to INVITE tons of people to Dad Fest 2009. Don't be shy, go for it and start inviting people today!

3. Saturday is my 34th birthday. Wow, how time flies by. I love my life and am a blessed man!

4. The new facility and renovation is shaping up nicely. We are 95 percent done with the facility. We have a few more things that we need to get done, and then, we have tons of things that need to be touched up and tweaked before we are totally finished.

5. Mark your calendars today for the Grand Opening Celebration of our new facility and renovation. The date is July 19 in all three experiences. It's going to be the biggest day ever!

6. Be sure to have your dad check out the TV's in the men's restroom on Sunday! I think your dad will enjoy the idea we got from Charleston's and from my good friend Tommy Sparger.

7. My staff and I have been in multiple interviews over the last couple weeks. We are very selective when it comes to hiring. After seven years of leading PC, we have a good idea of what kind of person works best with our team and culture. Plus, we always look for the big three: character, chemistry and competency. The most important thing we look for is a peace from the Holy Spirit!

8. I love my job! I can't believe I get to pastor such a wonderful church!

9. My little daughter had an explosion this morning. I walked out of my bedroom, and the door was open to her room. I walked in her room, and she told me that she was poopy. The kid wasn't playing! Poop was on her shirt, pants, cover and sheets! I haven't seen an explosion like that before! My little girl is powerful!

10. My favorite part of the day is coming home to my wife and kids in the evening. Last night when I got home, I ate dinner with my family around the table. Afterwards I went outside, sat in a chair, watched my kids play and then played with them. The little things in life mean the most! I treasure my family!

11. God is doing some really cool things in my heart! I'm growing closer to God on a daily basis!

12. Folks, don't miss Sunday! Dad Fest is going be a blast, and it's a great way to introduce your un-churched friends and family members to PC!

13. See you Sunday!