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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. My weekend begins on Thursday night, so I'm going to include it! My wife and I had a really good date night. We spent some time eating, talking and then we went to see a movie. Tiffany, I love our date nights! Thanks for being such a great wife!

2. My two-year old girl just walked into my office and told me that Caser is up. Sometimes we call baby Case, Caser!

3. My two-year old girl is learning how to use the potty! She had her first poopy in the potty last week, and it was a celebration in the Cooper house! Very soon there will be only one child in diapers at the Cooper house and God is good!! :)

4. I love the spiritual climate of People's Church. God is getting ready to pour out His Spirit in an incredible way!

5. The message God Is Healer really ministered to me as I studied all last week. If you need a healing in any area of your life, go to www.peopleschurch.tv today and listen to the message or download it as a podcast. I trust that God will use the message to build your faith.

6. We opened up all the kids’ rooms this Sunday. YEA! We still have some more work to get done before it's completed, but we are well on our way. I think we will be 95 percent done by the end of the week.

7. My staff has worked an incredible amount of hours over the last 6 weeks because of all of the renovations! Thank you team for your hard work, passion for Jesus and heart to see more lives changed.

8. Yesterday, the Worship Team led us in the song Healer. Powerful time!

9. I'm hungry for the presence of God and so is People's Church!

10. The TV's in the men's restrooms looked awesome!

11. The kids’ area design is looking incredible!

12. The Lakers won the NBA Finals last night. I was cheering for the Lakers since the Thunder didn't make the finals. :)

13. This time of year is boring television time for me. I like football and basketball, but I don't enjoy watching baseball! Come on August, and let's get some football action rolling!

14. Tiffany and I are on season 6 of 24! Jack is my new earthly hero. LOL! The dude is ruthless.

15. This Sunday is going to be huge! It's Dad Fest 2009! Muscle cars will be on the campus and on the stage, we will be giving away big screen TV's and leather recliners to some lucky dads in every experience, we will be dedicating babies to the Lord and I will be sharing an encouraging and inspiring message.

16. Invite every man and family you know who doesn't attend church to be at People's Church for Dad Fest 2009!