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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Preach The Bible

1. Creative ideas are nice, but it's the Bible that doesn't return void. Preach the Word!

2. My opinion doesn't matter. Preach the Word!

3. The only thing that matters is what the Bible says. Preach the Word!

4. Be careful about saying the words “I think”. It doesn't matter what we think. Preach the Word!

5. Don't use the pulpit to spew your political views. Preach the Word!

6. Don't use the pulpit to retaliate with people you don't like. Preach the Word!

7. Having cool lights, props and stage set designs is really cool. We even use them, but it doesn't change lives. Preach the Word!

8. Being funny while speaking is a great communication tool, but it doesn't change the human heart. Preach the Word!

9. Be sure the points in your sermons are supported with the Bible. Preach the Word!

10. In season and out of season, preach the Word!