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Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. Caris, my little girl, enjoyed her date with daddy on Friday. She ate a donut at Starbucks and drank a kid’s hot chocolate.

2. Cale and Cade really liked the movie Up. Cade was scared of the mean dogs at first, but he got used to them and enjoyed the movie. They said they liked it better than the movie Bolt.

3. I enjoy the kid Pixar movies as much as the kids, if not more.

4. Tiffany and I watched the movie Marley and Me, and my wife cried like a baby throughout the movie. I assured her last night that Marley is still alive and eating better food than we eat. LOL.

5. We had a wonderful day at People's Church. God is in the life-changing business!

6. While I was preaching in the second experience, the front emergency door next to the stage flew open. I MEAN WIDE OPEN! I waited for a couple of seconds for one of the staff members or for somebody to come through the door (that is always locked!!!!). Nobody came through the door, but I got a nice view of how beautiful it was outside. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director, sprinted from the back of the auditorium to the front of the auditorium and closed the door. I cracked a joke or two and kept preaching. That was a weird experience to say the least.

7. People are hungry for God.

8. My good friend, Mark Crow, Senior Pastor of Victory Church in Oklahoma City dropped by People's Church yesterday. It was great to have Mark and Jennifer and one of their sons worship with us at People's Church. Mark has had a huge impact upon my life and ministry.

9. It's great to have pastors in the same city working together and supporting one another. I appreciate all of my senior pastor friends more than you know!

10. This was the last Sunday not having all of our kids’ rooms. Six of the rooms have been unavailable the last 3 weeks, but every room will be ready to roll this coming up Sunday. Thank you, parents and kids volunteers, for your patience during this exciting season of renovation. We are going to have so much more excellent space to reach kids and teenagers with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

11. This was hopefully the last Sunday the men's restrooms will look normal. A company is coming in this week and putting in TV's above all of the men's urinals. Men will be able to see announcements, the experience and other fun stuff! We are going after men big time at PC! I want to see thousands of men sold out to God and His kingdom!

12. Yesterday was God Is Compassionate. This coming up Sunday is God Is Healer!