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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blessing My Team

Today, our Leadership Team will be driving home from our annual staff retreat. This is one of the highlights every year for our leadership staff. This retreat is purely a fun retreat. The Leadership Team brings their whole family, and we stay at the lake for two to three days hanging out, eating good, boating, swimming and sea-dooing it up. Relationships are strengthened, memories are built, kids have fun and our staff relaxes and laughs like crazy. I firmly believe that great teams work hard and play hard. This is one of those times that we play hard. Pastor friends, I encourage you to take some time during the summer when things aren't as busy at the church to have some fun with your team. I believe one of the reasons that we have staff who have been at People's Church for years is because we take time to have a blast together. WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD!