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Monday, June 14, 2010

What's On My Mind

1. I had some great time off with my family.

2. My family went to Rochester, NY to see my mom, sister, her husband and kids.

3. We had a great time in Rochester.

4. While we were in Rochester, we worshipped at The Father's House. This is a great church with great pastors. This is a multi-cultural church. It reminded us a lot of People's Church.

5. I finished the book The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team during the first part of my break. It was my second time to read the book, and it was just as good as the first time.

6. It takes me a couple of weeks to really unwind from work. I needed the speaking break because I was starting to feel fatigued mentally.

7. I'm very grateful for a great team who can run the church and teach and preach while I'm off. God has blessed PC with exceptional leadership.

8. One of the greatest things that pastors can do is build a trustworthy, competent and Godly team around themselves (paid or volunteer). This requires a lot of energy and investment, but it is totally worth it.

9. If you have teaching and preaching responsibilities at your church, you need to raise up a couple of other teachers so you can take some time off. I will do a blog post this week or next week on how to raise up other teachers.

10. I think it's funny when people think I should be at church and preach 52 weeks out of the year, but they're not at church 52 weeks out of the year. In the early days of our church, this used to bother me, and now I just smile at them and let them know they better get used to me taking time off. :)

11. DadFest 2010 is this Sunday! Muscle & classic cars will be all over the People's Church campus. The Power for Life Team will be performing crazy feats of strength. We will be giving away recliners, flat screen HDTV's and Bass Pro Shop gift cards. Dads, get to church early so you can enjoy the experience in one of the recliners. I will be teaching an encouraging and inspiring message. This is going to be a great day at PC! Start inviting everybody you know for DadFest 2010!