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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This entry was posted by Tiffany Cooper, Herbert's wife.

In March, I met 5 other pastors’ wives in Las Vegas for a Leading and Loving It getaway. While there, I was approached by an Elvis impersonator. Let’s just say he didn’t measure up to my ideal Elvis. Sure, he had the hair and the clothes, but he wasn’t authentic.

In ministry, we can find ourselves trying to impersonate a particular pastor or church. It’s easy to think that what one person or organization does will translate the same for us. Ministry is not a one size fits all formula.

In our ambition to be “that person” or “that church,” we overlook many things. We forget:

  • that we don’t know the whole story. We don’t know the price they paid to get where they are or the obstacles they have overcome. Are you ready to pay your own price?
  • that their church model may not be the best fit for our church or our pastoral/leadership giftings.
  • that they are seeing the fruits of 20 years in ministry. Give yourself permission to enjoy your season of ministry as you journey toward 20 years.
  • that no 2 pastors or churches are the same. Know who you are. Know your church and your city.

Be true to all that God has placed in you. Seek counsel and mentorship from other pastors and churches, but don’t replace your God-given authenticity with an impersonation of them. Impersonations are void of authenticity, effectiveness and power. Be real. Be you. Live out your call, not a replica of another’s call.