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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a super fun weekend in the Cooper house.

2. I got to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day on the same day this year. That's right, yesterday was my 35th birthday.

3. Church was great. There were a lot of people who gave their lives to Christ.

4. I was deeply moved watching men commit their lives to Christ.

5. I'm very grateful to God that so many men call People's Church home.

6. One of our first-time guests told me that he couldn't believe how many young adults attend our church. I'm grateful to God that we are reaching so many young adults!

7. The Power For Life team performed crazy feats of strength. My favorite was the fire on the bricks and watching him smash the bricks.

8. We had a great summertime attendance.

9. 9 dads won the 9 grand prizes that we gave away (flat screen HDTV's, recliners & Bass Pro Shop gift cards).

10. I challenged, encouraged and inspired men to be godly men and leaders. I called forth the greatness that's already inside of them.

11. I came home after church to a special lunch. My wife made me a New York Strip with awesome toppings like mushrooms and cheese, baked potato, corn & salad.

12. Tiffany also made one of my favorite desserts, dump cake. Man, that was awesome stuff! I put ice cream on top of the cake.

13. Thanks, Tiffany, for making my birthday and Father's Day special. You know how to make me happy, feed me! :) Love you, sweetie!

14. I told the church that I have an important message to share with them this coming up Sunday, June 27. I'm teaching a message on vision. It's titled Unstoppable Vision! This is a must-attend Sunday. I will be sharing my heart and the direction of People's Church.

15. The heat is on in Oklahoma! Mid to high 90's all week. I think I'm going to lie out and get a suntan. NOT! :)