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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Always The Season

This entry was posted by Josh Brown, Executive Director of Operations at People’s Church.

Monday, my wife and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it has already been seven years. God has truly blessed me with an amazing woman of God. I’m still not quite sure how I landed her :). In my quiet time on Monday, I was thanking God for all of the incredible things He has done in our lives over the past several years, and it caused me to think about the different seasons we have gone through. For example, we’ve had a season without kids, a season with kids, a season with both of us working, a season with just me working, a season without the OKC Thunder, a season with the OKC Thunder; you get the point. I was reminded that seasons will change, which will alter our lives in one way or another, but there are some things that should never change no matter what season we are in. Here’s a brief list of some of those “unchangables.” It’s always the season to:

  1. Love God and one another
  2. Operate with integrity
  3. Do your best
  4. Make honesty the only option
  5. Have a positive attitude
  6. Never cut corners
  7. Reach the lost at any cost

God, I pray you give us the wisdom to make necessary changes and the perseverance to stay the course on things that must never change. Amen.