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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. Time is flying by. May 1st is Saturday.

2. This is the last week of Courageous. This Sunday is so crucial to your future. So many people never see their dreams come to pass because they don't have the Courage To Forgive.

3. On Sunday, I'm going to share some valuable insights that will help you achieve your God-given dreams. You will learn that forgiveness plays a key role in fulfilling your dreams.

4. We have a special somethin’ somethin’ on Sunday that you don't want to miss. Expect the unexpected at People's Church.

5. The Oklahoma City Thunder have to regroup and play much better ball on Friday night.

6. Going to take momma on a hot date. I love my wife and always enjoy hanging out with her.

7. Religious people are so interesting, and many are political and mean-spirited.

8. It's interesting to listen to people who don't want to see every un-churched person come to know Jesus as their Savior if it inconveniences them. It is interesting how people think that church is all about them.

9. God is opening doors and giving our Leadership Team clearer direction for the future... exciting stuff.

10. There are so many facets to leading a church.

11. I am passionate about our church being a culture of servant leaders.

12. We are baptizing a lot of people on Sunday. This will be a blast.

13. I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day when my wife will be teaching God's Word.

14. I'm also excited to celebrate our 8-year anniversary as a church on Mother's Day.

15. Why is forgiveness key to your success in life? Find out on Sunday!