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Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Questions The Unchurched Aren't Asking

1. Who is speaking on Sunday?

2. Do you sing hymns or choruses?

3. What denomination are you affiliated with?

4. What version of the Bible do you use?

5. Do you have Sunday school or small groups?

6. How do I go deep?

7. Are there a lot of crosses and pictures of Jesus in your church?

8. Is your pastor's teaching exegetical, topical or some other method?

9. How do I become a member or transfer my membership?

10. Does your church have the latest technology?

It’s Easter, so don't you dare think inward but instead, think outward! Many first-time guests who don't know Christ will be showing up at your church. People need Christ! Jesus is the answer! They aren't asking the questions that many church people are asking. They don't understand all of the insider language of the church world. Give them Jesus this weekend! They need to hear the simplicity of the Gospel! God and His Word changes lives!

Thank you www.perrynoble.com for the concept and inspiration for this blog post.