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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Highlights

1. Wow, wow, wow! What a great Sunday at People's Church!

2. We had almost 5000 people in attendance.

3. There were 350 decisions for Christ. Wow! Thank you, Jesus!

4. The videos were awesome! Seriously! Our Video Team is amazing. They bring the heat every week.

5. The painter did a great job of painting Jesus on the cross painting during worship. It was a powerful moment.

6. The special song, This Is Your Life by Switchfoot, was awesome and thought-provoking right before I taught the message.

7. The Worship Team did great. I loved the hymn.

8. I played mind games with myself on Saturday night. I kept thinking nobody was going to show up. Weird but those thoughts kept flooding my mind.

9. I woke up at 3:50AM Sunday morning and couldn't go back to sleep. My mind was racing.

10. Easter was great. If I had it to do again, I think I would have added one Saturday night experience.

11. The OKC Thunder clinched a playoff spot on Saturday night! Go Thunder!

12. Butler is playing for the National Championship. I would have never picked them. Way to go, Butler! I'm pulling for them to win it all.

13. Saturday was a busy day. I went to the gym, to my little brother's baseball game, my uncle’s 50th birthday party and studied and put the final touches on the message.

14. This Sunday was great, but next Sunday will be great as well. We are having nationally acclaimed poet, Amena Brown, with us in all 3 experiences. She will be rocking the house at People's Church this coming up Sunday.

15. This coming up Sunday, I will be teaching a message titled Courage To Dream! It's going to be a fun day.

16. This coming up Sunday, we will be giving away over 2000 prizes, so bring your ticket back and drop by the lobby and hopefully you win one of the big screen TV's. :)

17. We had Elmo make a special visit to PC yesterday. The kids loved it.

18. Elmo's friend will be making a special visit to People's Church this coming up Sunday. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Cookie Monster will be at People's Church on Sunday! Bring a truck load of kids, and they will have a blast, and we will teach them about Jesus.

19. We were almost 2000 people bigger than last year's Easter. Insane! Go God!

20. Thank you to the People's Church staff for praying up a storm and working so hard to pull off a home run Easter. It's an honor to serve PC with you all.