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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a great weekend for the Coopers!

2. On Friday night, my wife and I went out to eat with our Executive Team and their wives, and then we went to a Thunder game.

3. Its great to work with people you like and get along with.

4. On Saturday, we relaxed around the house for the majority of the day. One word comes to mind: NICE!

5. We had another great Sunday at PC!

6. Well over 100 people gave their lives to Christ!

7. People's Church was pushing 4000 people.

8. We were pushing 2000 people bigger than the Sunday after Easter last year. I am humbled by what God is doing at PC! Thank you, Jesus!

9. We had a record number of kids hearing the Gospel in our Kids Ministry!

10. Jody, our Kids Director, and his team are doing a fabulous job creating environments for kids to be impacted by Jesus. Way to go!

11. Amena Brown, a nationally acclaimed poet, tore it up! She has an anointing on her poetry. Very powerful and inspiring.

12. I encourage pastors to bring Amena to your church. She will be a blessing. We will for sure have her back to PC!

13. The message went well. I want PCer's to have the Courage To Dream. See it, believe it and build it! Go for it! God is with you!

14. I encouraged people to get baptized on May 2. Don't put it off or make excuses! I want you to experience God's blessings in its fullest, and that requires obedience. I'm so excited to celebrate this milestone in your walk with Christ on May 2. Get signed up, and get ready!

15. We sang the song Moving Forward! That is an inspiring song.

16. We showed a promo video of a step performance that will be taking place at People's Church this coming up Sunday. It's going to be awesome!

17. I am teaching a message called Courage To Fight this coming up Sunday!

18. My one-year-old son really likes me to read books to him. I just read a Curious George book to him.

19. I'm meeting with a future church planter this morning. I really enjoy talking with church planters.

20. I'm excited, humbled, challenged, stretched and pumped up by what God is doing at People's Church.