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Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. Phenomenal day at People's Church!

2. Third largest attendance in the history of PC behind Easter 2010 and the Sunday after Easter 2010.

3. 127 adult salvations, and 73 people baptized.

4. The message Courage To Forgive really ministered to people. I heard so many comments about how the message really hit home for so many people. Praise God!

5. Unforgiveness always over promises and under delivers.

6. When you're chained to unforgiveness, you are letting somebody else control your life.

7. Brian Rush, our Creative Arts Director, and the Worship Team performed the OneRepublic song Apologize. Brian and the band tore up the song! For real! It was a killer performance!

8. Worship was great. I enjoy worshipping with our church family.

9. Thank you to the board of PC for baptizing people yesterday. I'm grateful for your servants’ hearts and passion for God and His church and His people.

10. The OKC Thunder played lights out against the defending champions in the first round of the playoffs. They got beat, but I am proud of their effort. Next year will be a big year for the Thunder. Thunder UP.

11. I love hearing life-change stories in the hallways of PC. Yesterday, I met two men who recently got out of prison and were at PC yesterday seeking Christ. One man just got out of prison last week. I love our church. I love that we reach people from all different walks of life. So humbled by what God is doing.

12. I had a great conversation with my bride last night. I love hearing her heart. I love being her husband. I want to continue to grow to be the best husband I can be for her.

13. I'm trying to decide who I want to win the NBA Championship this year. I will decide soon.

14. My wife is teaching on Mother's Day at PC! We have a special experience planned for the 8-year anniversary of PC. I still can't believe it's been 8 years this coming up Sunday.

15. Have a super Monday! Live a life of forgiveness. People will hurt you, but choose to forgive. It's a choice not a feeling!