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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't You Dare Micromanage Me

One of the mistakes many leaders make is they let go of knowing the details too soon. When you are dealing with a developing leader, you need to let them prove themselves first by getting some wins before you totally turn them loose. As you develop leaders, you have to have the wisdom to know when you can let go of knowing details. If you let go of knowing too soon with a developing leader, you will be blindsided, and you're not doing your job well because things are always falling through the cracks. This kills so many leaders because they don't develop people, they just hand out assignments and think a developing leader will produce results.

Don't confuse micromanaging with developing leaders. Many leaders get confused about this. You are not micromanaging when you are developing somebody. There is a season when you need and must know the details until you develop trust and the developing leader proves they can deliver high quality results consistently. Once the leader has proven him/herself, you need to turn them loose to lead and to lead strong without knowing all of the details. Don't frustrate a proven leader by making them tell you the details. That's micromanaging, and Don't You Dare Micromanage Me!

Thanks to swerve.lifechurch.tv for inspiring these thoughts.