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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a great weekend in the Cooper house.

2. I love celebrating Mother's Day with my wife. She is such a great wife and an incredible mom to our four kids. I'm a super blessed man.

3. My wife is a super gifted communicator. She did an excellent job teaching God's Word in all 3 experiences. It should be online later today so be sure to watch or listen to it @ www.peopleschurch.tv. I'm so proud of her.

4. My wife worked really hard on the message. It takes hours to put together a message and she spent a lot of time over the last month working on it. Thanks so much, Tiffany, for blessing all of us at PC.

5. The only bad thing this weekend was Tiffany wasn't feeling well, and two of our kids were sick. My wife's throat hurt so badly on Saturday night, we weren't sure if she would be able to speak on Sunday morning. We prayed, and she drank coat throat tea and took some medicine and felt a lot better on Sunday morning. Thank you, Jesus!

6. If Tiffany couldn't have taught, I don't know what I would have preached at last minute. Let's just say it would have been interesting. :)

7. One of the ways we celebrated Mother's Day was by giving my wife a break from cooking all weekend. Plus, she had to teach and needed a lot of rest and extra time to spend with God.

8. I did all of the cooking this weekend. That means I bought us some Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's and McAlister's.

9. I called my mom and wished her a happy Mother's Day. My mom lives in Rochester, NY, so I didn't get a chance to see her. I love my mom and greatly appreciate the way she has invested in my life throughout the years. Thanks, mom!

10. On Sunday, we informed teens and parents about our summer youth camp called Encounter. Get signed up, teens, and get ready to encounter God in a huge way.

11. On Sunday, we showed a video promoting our Summer Activity Groups. Email vernon@peopleschurch.tv today if you would like to lead an activity group. Turn whatever you love to do in the summer into a fun time to get to know some of your People's Church family.

12. We also showed a video promoting a special performance we are doing this coming up Sunday, May 16. We are going to kick it old school with an MC Hammer performance. You don't want to miss this.

13. I'm kicking off a new series next week called Conversations...Talking with God! I'm excited to teach our church about prayer.

14. We celebrated our 8-year anniversary at People's Church yesterday. I can't believe it's been 8 years. The time has flown by. From 65 people to thousands of people, tons of lives have been changed. God has been so good to PC. I am humbled to be a part of this move of God. The most exciting thing is the best is yet to come for PC! Our best days are ahead of us!

15. We gave 9 mothers a great grand prize yesterday. Each mom received a shopping mall cash card, a Cheesecake Factory gift card for two and a day at the spa. It is always exciting to bless moms. I hope all the moms had a great Mother's Day!