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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leading People But Not Getting Results

I want to share some thoughts of why leaders lead people but don't get results in their organization.

1. Expectations aren't clear: If people don't know where the organization is headed, any road will get them there.

2. Not helping people develop goals: At People's Church, our Leadership Team has quarterly goals.

3. A lack of accountability: Goals with no accountability usually don't get accomplished. You get what you inspect, not expect.

4. Afraid of the tough conversations: Many leaders won't have tough and honest conversations with those they lead and stifle their people and the organization.

5. Not having tough conversations often enough: Your people deserve to know how they are doing. Once a year or once a quarter is not enough. If a leader is falling short, they need to know so that they can improve.

6. Laziness: Some leaders are lazy, and they have created a lazy culture in their organization. It's hard to get results golfing 3 times a week and having office hours from 11AM to 3PM.

7. Focusing on things that don't really matter: Some leaders spend their time on the wrong things. Hard work in the wrong areas won't produce great results.

8. Doing too many things: A lot of leaders and organizations get bogged down by doing too many things. Doing a few things well will trump doing a lot of things average.

9. Investing in followers instead of leaders: If you want addition, invest in followers; if you want multiplication, invest in leaders.

10. Insecurity: When a leader is driven by insecurity, they surround themselves with weak people, and it stifles the results.