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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. My wife and I had a great date on Thursday night. We went to dinner and a movie. We saw Iron Man 2. We thought it was average. We like the first one better.

2. On Saturday, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. We ate outside in the backyard. I really enjoyed hanging out with my family. It was a really fun time.

3. Church was awesome! Our Production, Music and Video teams tore it up! It was incredible. If you missed Sunday, you missed it!

4. Many lives were changed! Many people gave their lives to Christ.

5. People decided to put God first in their lives. People decided to trust God and His Word. People decided to be content and grateful for God's blessings.

6. Give us TODAY our DAILY bread! What an incredible prayer!

7. Worship was awesome. I love what God is doing at People's Church.

8. Every week, we are 1000 to 1500 people bigger than last year. Blown away by what God is doing! To HIM be ALL the GLORY!

9. People's Church, way to go! Because of your generosity, we bought a much needed full color copy machine for Ridgeview Elementary School! Thank you for being faithful to tithe and give offerings above your tithe. I'm honored to be your pastor!

10. This summer, we have some amazing things lined up! We are concluding Conversations this Sunday. We are kicking off a new series called Unstoppable in June! This is going to be a great series! God's church and God's people are unstoppable! Get ready to be equipped to live an unstoppable life.

11. On Father's Day, it's the 2nd annual Dad Fest event. At Dad Fest, there will be classic muscle cars, Power Team muscle performance, and we are giving away flat screen TV's, recliners & Bass Pro Shop gift cards to some lucky dads in every experience.

12. On July 4th, we are having our own inside fireworks show inside of the church auditorium. Yes, I said INSIDE with a special guitar performance as we celebrate our FREEDOM.....In Christ! Don't you dare miss it!

13. In July, we are kicking off a new series called The Best Of The Best! We will be doing 3 encore performances of the best ever People's Church performances! The three performances will be Thriller, Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Christmas in July! I'm telling you, the summer is power packed at People's Church! GET READY!