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Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. Another great day at People's Church. God has blessed us with some great momentum. Lives are being changed.

2. The testimony video we showed at People's Church was incredible. TJ was a drug dealer, drug user, gang banger and came to People's Church and God has changed his life! What an awesome God we serve!

3. We had a drumline play at church. They came through the back doors of the church and marched down the aisle to the front of the church, then turned left and went back up the aisle to the back of the church. The drumline tore it up! It was inspiring!

4. Yesterday was CRAZY Halftime at People's Church. Many people made commitments to tithe and to give over and above their tithe to the CRAZY Stewardship Campaign. I'm very excited to hear the testimonies flood in about how God has blessed people’s finances as they invest their resources into God's Kingdom. The greatest joy will be all the lives that are changed because of our faithfulness to give. It's all about more changed lives!

5. I had two fantasy football drafts this weekend. One on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday afternoon. I have a very strong team in one league, and my other team could do really well. If I had it over again, I would have drafted a little different on Sunday's draft. I have another draft tonight.

6. I taught a message yesterday called Conquering Giants.

7. I was very pleased with the way people responded to the message. I have a deep desire to see people experience the blessings of God. We must be faithful in the little things if we want to be in position to receive the big blessings of God. Small doors can open into big rooms!

8. We showed a Michael Jackson video on Sunday. I played Michael Jackson. It was a teaser video for what's coming up this Sunday! I'm not letting the cat out of the bag, but all I'm telling you is you better not miss this coming up Sunday at PC! You better get to church early and get ready to have a blast and have God change your life.

9. 500 More in September! Who have you invited to join you at People's Church this coming up Sunday? What are you waiting for? Get busy inviting everybody you know! Everybody needs forgiveness, grace and mercy!

10. I took my three oldest kids outside to play in the backyard on Saturday. Afterwards, we went on a family walk through the neighborhood. The weather was awesome this weekend. The little things in life mean the most.

11. Wicked begins this Sunday! It's the most evangelistic series we've ever done! It's going to be a great series. Buckle up and get ready for the ride!