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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's Download

1. It was a great day at People's Church!

2. Many people gave their lives to Christ! This never gets old! It's about reaching one more person.

3. Many people were baptized in water! Way to go public for Jesus. God will bless you for obeying His Word.

4. We launched our Junior High experience yesterday, and it went great. YEA! Parents, bring your junior high student to the 10:30AM experience so that they can get plugged into the new Junior High experience.

5. A ton of people are signed up to attend The Wednesday Connection beginning this Wednesday night at 7PM at the People's Church facility. There is something for the entire family every Wednesday night this fall. It's going to be great seeing people connecting to God and to others. The church is a place where relationships are built, needs are met and where people grow closer to God together.

6. We told the church about 500 MORE! During the month of September, we want to see 500 people come to know Christ as their personal Savior during the Wicked series. We are challenging our church to pray and invite their friends and family like never before. Everybody needs to experience the love and forgiveness of Christ!

7. Wicked is going to be an incredible series. Get ready to tackle and overcome the dark side.

8. We handed out CRAZY Halftime brochures to our church family. We are at the halfway point for our CRAZY Stewardship Campaign. Our entire church family is praying over the next two weeks about what God wants them to give for the remaining 18 months of the CRAZY Campaign. This giving is over and above the Lord's tithe to see more lives changed by the power of Christ! August 30 is our Celebration and Commitment Sunday! It's going to be an exciting day at PC!

9. I am ashamed to admit that my 4 year-old son beat me at a video bowling game. I’d better start practicing because this can't happen again. :)

10. My wife made a great pot roast dinner on Saturday night, and it was even better for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

11. My son, Cale, is playing in a flag football league this fall. This will be fun and very interesting to watch 5 and 6 year-olds playing football.

12. I am wrapping up the He Said What!? series this coming up Sunday with a message titled Do What?

13. Get plugged into the family of God!