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Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. My little princess had a birthday on Sunday. Caris turned 3 years old! She opened her gifts at home, and then she picked Freddy's for dinner and ice cream. I love that little girl so much!

2. I took my wife on a date Thursday night. We had a good time talking and laughing.

3. Cale is in half-day kindergarten. So after school on Friday, we hung out as a family. Tiffany and I rented a Red Box movie and relaxed after the kids went to bed.

4. We had a great Sunday at PC! People gave their lives to Christ!

5. Many people signed up to get plugged into a ministry! I am always excited to see people step out in faith and begin serving. The greatest in the Kingdom of God is the servant of all.

6. We had strong attendance.

7. Our church is in a season of prayer for CRAZY Halftime. PC, set aside time this week with your family and ask God what He would have you financially commit over and above your tithe for the next 18 months to see more lives changed. I'm excited that we will finish strong what we started strong.

8. Our new Junior High experience on Sunday mornings at 10:30AM is going awesome! It has great attendance and students coming to Christ.

9. We had well over 700 people at the launch of The Wednesday Connection last week. This new ministry is going to be so good for our church to build relationships and grow spiritually. I'm very pumped about this ministry.

10. 500 MORE in September! We told our church that we want to see 500 MORE people come to Christ in September. We are asking our church to bring all of their friends and family who don't know Christ to church so that they can experience love, grace and forgiveness through Christ. September is going to be an awesome harvest month.

11. The hottest series of the year is happening in two weeks! WICKED!

12. Pray and read your Bible every day this week and watch what God does in your life.