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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

1. Am I obeying the voice of God? When God speaks, do I obey His voice even when I don't like it?

2. Am I growing as a leader? Have I improved in areas of my leadership over the last year or am I struggling with the same leadership issues?

3. What tough leadership decision do I need to make to take our organization to the next level? Often times, leaders are one tough decision away from a breakthrough.

4. Am I taking risks or playing it safe? When is the last time I risked everything, and God had to bail me out? There is nothing more exhilarating than risking it all and watching God do what only He can do!

5. Do I have the right people on the team and are they in the right role? Are the people around you a blessing or a burden? Do the people around you lift you or lower you? Do the people around you energize you or drain you? The right team member in the right role can take your organization to another level.