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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. The Wednesday Connection was awesome last night! Hundreds of people came to the PC building for Bible study, food and fellowship. I am so excited to see so many people committed to growing closer to God and building God-honoring friendships! Be there next week at 7PM.

2. On Sunday, I'm teaching a message called Conquering Giants. Do you have any giants that you're facing in your life? Come this Sunday with a friend and learn how to conquer giants. I'm excited to teach this message to you!

3. On Sunday, we are turning in our CRAZY commitment cards. It's halftime of the CRAZY Stewardship Campaign, so be sure to pray over the next couple of days and ask God what He would have you give over and above the Lord's tithe over the next 18 months. God is going to do huge things in our finances and life as we respond in obedience to His voice.

4. Wicked is kicking off Labor Day Sunday. All I'm saying is you better not miss the opening Sunday of Wicked. We are going to do something that we've never done before. It's going to blow you away! You better get to church early and bring every friend you know to PC! I'm not letting the cat out of the bag, so you better be there on September 6.

5. Have you ever seen a drumline at church? All I'm saying is you better not miss THIS Sunday at PC! We have a special surprise up our sleeve!

6. This Sunday we are showing a video at church that brought tears to my eyes.

7. Cale has a flag football scrimmage tonight.

8. Case, my one year-old, is not walking yet, but he's pulling up on everything.

9. Fantasy football is in full swing. My first draft is on Saturday. I have four drafts next week. I am a fantasy football nut. It is a great outlet for me.

10. I beat my wife twice last night on Wii golf. I needed revenge because she beat me twice two nights ago.

11. Let's conquer some giants on Sunday!