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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. On Thursday night, I went on a date with my wife. We have so much fun on our dates.

2. I lost weight over the weekend, and that never happened last year. My new eating lifestyle change is working, and I'm excited to take better care of my body.

3. On Friday night, my family went on a family date night with Troy Martin, our new Executive Director of Ministries, and his family. We had a great time together.

4. On Saturday, I rode the bike at the gym, studied, relaxed around the house and watched a movie with my wife.

5. On Saturday evening, my family went to dinner with some of our friends who live in Springfield, MO. We always enjoy seeing Ralph & Gail Irwin. Ralph has been super good to my ministry through the years. I'm thankful for people who stick with you through thick and thin.

6. Ralph and Gail brought a couple with them who are starting a church in Virginia. This couple has nine kids. That's right, I said nine. That's awesome stuff! They are blessed!

7. This church planting couple asked great questions. Sometimes I meet with future church planters, and they spend more time talking than asking questions. I can tell a lot about a church planter by the questions they ask or don't ask. This couple is sharp. They have a desire to reach those who are far from God. I'm excited for them.

8. People's Church was awesome on Sunday! Worship was great! The presence of God was powerful! Many lives were changed!

9. I taught a message on taking care of our bodies. I shared one of my big struggles with the church.

10. I have already heard reports of people who are going to change their lifestyle because of Sunday's message. I'm excited for you!

11. I told PC that they are fine by God's design. It's true!

12. Tony T is hilarious. Great job, Andy!

13. One of our brand new video projectors is messed up, and we had to ship it off to get fixed. The company overnighted us a loaner, and we got it on Saturday. Brian Rush, Executive Director of Creative Arts, spent over 3 hours at PC on Saturday getting it installed. Sunday was an unforgettable experience. Thanks, Brian!

14. I told the church that the Volunteer Banquet coming up on Friday will be the best ever. I'm serious, it will be! I can't wait to party with our awesome volunteers. You folks are incredible!

15. I'm so excited for Big Day on February 7! We are kicking off a new series called Sexual Revolution...God's Take On Sex! Each one reach one, and let's pack out the house and see tons of lives changed by Christ!

16. I taught my son to tie his shoe in 10 minutes. Either he is really smart, or I'm a good teacher! LOL

17. Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl in two weeks. Should be a great game!

18. This coming up Sunday I'm teaching a message on your work life! We spend 40 to 60 hours a week working. This is a crucial area of your life, and I'm going to teach you from God's Word how to win and win big time! So excited!!