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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 9 In 2009

9. Making the championship game in 3 out of my 6 fantasy football leagues and winning 2 championships.

8. Two cool speaking engagements at General Council in Orlando and Catalyst in Atlanta.

7. Having a white Christmas with my wife's family in Nebraska.

6. Watching my oldest son, Cale, play flag football. His team won the championship!

5. Walking in greater freedom in Christ than I've ever walked in before. I got closer to God in 2009!

4. Celebrating 12 years of marriage with my gorgeous wife, Tiffany!

3. Going to Disney World with my family!

2. Moving into our 2nd phase, a new 44,000 square foot 1800 seat auditorium and seeing People's Church grow over 1000 people in one year!

1. Seeing over 4,000 people give their lives to Christ at People's Church in 2009! Phenomenal!