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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. Due to the weather, the Volunteer Banquet is canceled for this Friday. We have rescheduled the Volunteer Banquet. The new date is Friday, February 19, at 7PM at the People's Church building. Volunteers, get ready to party, eat good food and have a blast!

2. We are having all 3 Sunday experiences this Sunday, January 31 (9AM, 10:30AM & 12PM). The parking lot and sidewalks will be cleared! The sun will be shining brightly on Sunday, and I'm excited to have some church!

3. This Sunday, I'm going to teach you how to win and win big time in your work life. You can prosper at the work place!

4. It looks like a lot of Oklahomans will get some extra time around the house today and tomorrow. Most of the schools are canceled.

5. Cale's school is canceled. He is bummed out about it. He loves going to school.

6. The new season of 24 is good as usual. Go, Jack, go!

7. Big Day is coming up on February 7. We have something planned that is super special for that day. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. Begin praying and inviting everybody you know to the biggest day ever at PC!

8. I got Sunday's message emailed to the office around 10:30PM last night. Usually, I have it to them around 12 or 1PM on Thursday. I thought I better get it to them early so that they can get the bulletins printed today. Due to the weather, we might have to close the office Friday.

9. We are beginning a brand new series on February 7 called Sexual Revolution...God's Take On Sex! This is going to be one of the hottest series of the year!

10. I'm so excited that many PC'ers are getting plugged into Community Groups and The Wednesday Connection. Getting connected is key to our spiritual growth!

11. See you folks on Sunday! God is going to change lives!