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Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. The Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game! How ‘bout them Cowboys! Come on boys, let’s go to the Super Bowl.

2. The team put up a new picture of Tiffany and me on the blog. That was a highlight for us because we had the other one up for awhile.

3. I cried during worship in first experience. The presence of God was so evident. God is doing some amazing things in my life. He is working on me, and I'm excited to draw closer to Him.

4. I actually cried on the stage during prayer time in first experience. I was a big baby yesterday during first experience. I love Jesus so much!

5. The church wide prayer and fasting week began yesterday. I got a headache last night from fasting. It's part of the sacrifice to draw closer to Christ.

6. I was so tired from preaching and from fasting that I went to bed before 10PM. That never happens!

7. My voice got tired yesterday in 2nd and 3rd experiences. Whenever I take two weeks off in a row, I can tell it in my voice.

8. The Missing Jesus message went well yesterday. I know God used it to challenge and change people’s lives.

9. If you want to find Jesus in a new and fresh way, you will need to leave your comfort zone!

10. PCer's, in 2010 make attending church a top priority. Read your Bible and pray daily. Get committed to serving in the church and advance God's Kingdom. Get plugged into a Community Group. If you will do all four of these and continue to do them, you will grow spiritually.

11. Don't be a constipated Christian! They are no fun to be around. They complain, they're critical and they complain some more.

12. Be a part of corporate prayer this week (Monday through Friday) at the church building. 6AM to 7:30AM & 12PM to 1:30PM! God answers prayer!

13. I told the PCer's that membership at PC is all about commitment. We need to be committed to one local church and use our talents, time and treasure to advance God's Kingdom.

14. The University of Oklahoma basketball team looks horrible. We need the Griffin boys back bad!

15. The Tony T Life Coaching video was hilarious. I may post it on my blog and stir up the religious community.

16. I'm excited to continue The Game Of Life series. This Sunday is relational life. I wonder what advice Tony T will give us!

17. In 2010, you are going to win and win big time!