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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break Highlights

1. I had a great two weeks off with my family! We had a blast!

2. I took the past two Sundays off. Shelby Johnson, our Care Director, and Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director, taught God's Word at PC. I'm grateful and blessed to have a great team!

3. My family went to Nebraska for a week to spend Christmas with my wife's family. We got snowed in and enjoyed relaxing around their house. The kids got cabin fever.

4. On December 20, my wife and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. We went to eat at a great steak place and then spent a night away from the kids. God has blessed me with a great wife!

5. I picked up 4 pounds over the past two weeks. That's actually not too bad for me. I've been off from the gym for two weeks. This morning I'm getting back in the routine and hitting the gym hard.

6. My favorite treat during the holidays was white chocolate candy with peppermint inside of it. My wife made it, and it was delicious!

7. My favorite drinks were a decaf Eggnog Latte with one Splenda at Starbucks and an Eggnog milkshake at Braum's.

8. My family drove home from Nebraska on Tuesday of last week and spent the week around the house and around Oklahoma City. We had so much fun hanging out as a family.

9. My wife and I have been watching season 7 of 24. We almost finished up season 7 during our week off at home.

10. We filled an important position at People's Church at the beginning of my time off. On December 21, a family accepted the position we offered them. This was a huge hire for our team and church. I am pumped up!

11. The kids had a great Christmas. It's so fun watching my kids open gifts. They get so excited!

12. I made the championship game in 3 out of 6 fantasy football leagues. I won 2 championships! In one league I was in last place, and I won eleven games in a row to bring home the championship.

13. My Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs, and they spanked those Eagles yesterday! My Oklahoma Sooners won the Sun Bowl!

14. I enjoyed my time off, and I'm ready to tackle the new year! God has some incredible things in store!

15. I can't wait to teach God's Word at People's Church this coming up Sunday. We are kicking off a new series called The Game Of Life. I am going to be sharing some biblical principles with you to help you win in the most crucial areas of your life: Spiritual Life, Relational Life, Physical Life & Work Life. This is going to be a very insightful and helpful series. You are going to win in life and win big time!