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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Loving Jesus

My personal relationship with Jesus has been incredible. The last few months have been a great time of spiritual growth. I've been reading through the Book of Acts in my daily devotionals. I'm amazed at how radical the early church Christians were. It's easy to take for granted how the early church was running for their life but still boldly proclaimed Christ wherever they went. They really understood that the real purpose of life is to share the love of Christ with as many people as possible. My prayer is that God would use the Cooper family as an incredible light no matter where we are.

As I'm talking about being a light for Christ, it reminds me of what two of our first time guests said to me this past Sunday. I went over to talk to this gentlemen and lady, and they told me the reason that they came to People's Church was that they saw my family in a restaurant and just knew that there was something different about us (I sure hope I wasn't picking my nose while they were watching me and my family). They told me that they almost came up to talk to us because we just seemed so different - I didn't ask them, but I don't think they thought we were weird different :). At the time, they didn't know that I was the Senior Pastor of People's Church. They ended up seeing a billboard and put two and two together.

There are two very important lessons we learn from this:

1. We are called to be light for Christ no matter where we are.

2. Don't pick your nose in public because you don't know whose watching you :).