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Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. I took my wife on a date Thursday night. It was a great time of conversation, food, conversation, dessert and more conversation. I love that lady so much.

2. Friday and Saturday were great relaxing and fun days around the Cooper house. Awesome family time.

3. It was a great day at People's Church. God is at work big time. Lives are being transformed by the power of God.

4. I taught a message titled The Holy Spirit For Dummies. If you missed church on Sunday, I encourage you to go to www.peopleschurch.tv and listen to or watch the message this week.

5. The Dallas Cowboys stunk it up again. 1-3. Come on, Cowboys.

6. I couldn't believe Alabama got hammered by South Carolina. Loved it.

7. I have a very slim chance to go 6-0 in my fantasy football leagues. VERY slim.

8. Tiffany and I got to reconnect with a family who attended People's Church back in the movie theater days. This family moved away, and we have not seen them for several years. This family was very instrumental to PC in the early days. It was great to see them. I'm always super grateful for the people who believed in the vision in the early days.

9. This Sunday, we are going to talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. What are they? Do you need them? Is speaking in tongues really for today? What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit giving people gifts? I can't wait.

10. Have a super Monday. Remember attitude determines altitude. Stay positive.