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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Highlights A Day Late

1. Sometimes I don't feel like doing a blog, and yesterday was one of those days.

2. It was a busy weekend for the Cooper crew.

3. My uncle, Tommy Johnson, passed away due to cancer, and we had his funeral at People's Church on Saturday.

4. I had a lot of family in town due to the funeral. It's always great seeing everybody.

5. Friday evening, we went to my uncle and aunt's home for a family dinner. I had a super, great conversation with my aunt from Rochester. She poured into my life about raising godly kids. I enjoyed it and gleaned a lot.

6. Saturday, after my uncle’s funeral, I went to Norman, OK, and I had the privilege of speaking with the OU Sooner football team and coaches. It was a great time investing spiritually into the Sooner team.

7. My Oklahoma Sooners got another win and are now ranked 1st in the BCS poll. If we win out, we will be in the National Championship game. Tough to do, but it is very possible. GO Sooners!

8. My OKC Thunder basketball team will be tipping off the regular season soon. Let's roll, Thunder!

9. Dallas Cowboys 1-4. WHAT! Nuf said! :(

10. Church was awesome on Sunday. I love teaching our church about the person of the Holy Spirit. God is at work BIG time!!!