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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a great weekend.

2. On Friday, my wife and I went on an overnight trip without the kids. These trips with my wife refuel me.

3. Tiffany and I went to dinner, shopping and then a movie. The next morning, we went to breakfast and then did some more shopping.

4. We got home on Saturday afternoon, my wife made nacho cheese dip, and we ate junk food and watched OU beat Texas.

5. On Sunday morning I didn't teach, so I got to drive my family to church and worship with my church family. This doesn't happen very often, and it was nice.

6. After church, I took my family out to eat at one of my kids’ favorite spots, IHOP.

7. Sunday afternoon consisted of football and a nice family walk. Well, the three oldest kids rode their bikes. Fun times.

8. I have a chance to go 6-0 in my fantasy football leagues this week. I should for sure go 5-1.

9. I'm excited to teach this coming up Sunday on the Holy Spirit...Forgotten God.

10. Because I didn't teach the last two weekends, I was able to study and plan ahead for the current and future message series. This always relieves pressure from me.

11. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director, did a super great job kicking off the series Forgotten God. People's Church is blessed with great staff, leaders and volunteers.