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Thursday, October 21, 2010


The staff at People's Church who thrive and are very successful are highly motivated. We have a great team of highly motivated people. Below is a list of five qualities of highly motivated people.

1. You don't have to ask them to do something twice. They get the job done the first time.

2. They don't make excuses of why something didn't get done. They get their job done and produce high quality results.

3. They are self-starters. They don't need somebody looking over their shoulders to work hard consistently.

4. They understand that working hard is not necessarily about how many hours you work. It's about being productive and producing results.

5. They multiply themselves by developing leaders and not just doers. They raise up people to lead people and not just to do tasks. This is what we call working smarter instead of harder. On the front end, developing people is hard work and takes a highly motivated person. On the back end, work life is much easier for the staff who take the time to invest and raise up leaders to lead people.