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Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. My Oklahoma Sooners barely won. I'm really not sure how good we are. We will soon find out as we enter Big 12 play this week.

2. My Dallas Cowboys finally got a win. They are too good of a team to have a losing record.

3. The Cooper family did a lot of relaxing and watching football this weekend.

4. I can't believe how much my oldest son loves football.

5. I took my kids outside to ride bikes and play on Saturday morning, and I got eaten alive by chiggers. I got around 12 bites on my leg, and it still itches.

6. My oldest son has developed so much in one year. Last year he couldn't catch a football very well, and now he hardly drops it.

7. I taught my daughter how to ride a bike on Saturday. Of course, with training wheels, but it was a major victory for her.

8. Church was amazing on Sunday. Great worship and Word from God.

9. Troy Martin taught God's Word on Sunday. He did a wonderful job. Troy is a great preacher of God's Word.

10. On Sunday, I led the prayer time, and I was able to receive on Sunday instead of give out. I also got to check out our online experience and offer feedback to make it better.

11. Whenever I'm not teaching on a Sunday, I try to find areas that we need to improve. I am more attentive than normal because I'm not focused on teaching.

12. I am super, super excited for Sunday. People's Church is kicking off a new series called Forgotten God...The Mystery of the Holy Spirit. Oftentimes we hear a lot about God the Father and God the Son, but many people don't know much about God the Holy Spirit. Some are confused about Him. Some are scared of Him. Some are just ignorant of Him. This series is a must-hear, and I am pumped up for Sunday!