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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. My wife was gone Monday morning thru Wednesday night to a senior pastor wives’ retreat. She had a great time and built a lot of relationships.

2. Thanks to Steven and Holly Furtick and the Elevation Church team for hosting this retreat.

3. I held down the fort at the Cooper house while my wife was gone. Tiffany did a great job lining up childcare so that I could still go to work every day.

4. Whenever I keep my kids a couple of nights without my wife, I gain a whole new respect for what she does day in and day out.

5. Another super night at The Wednesday Connection. People are connecting with God and others. Beautiful!

6. This Sunday is the ENCORE performance of the stomp/dance performance we did this past Sunday. Start inviting people now.

7. My fantasy football teams went 4-1-1. Yes, that's right, a guy came back and the game ended in a tie. I am 0-2 in our staff league.

8. God has been speaking to me more clearly about the future of People's Church. Exciting.

9. We are building the dream team at People's Church.

10. It was so good to hug my wife last night. I missed her so much.

11. I can't wait for Sunday at People's Church. I'm ready to worship God with my church family.

12. I'm grateful for the pastor friends that God has brought in Tiffany’s and my life.

13. It's going to be a great Thursday!