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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. I went 3-3 the first week with my fantasy football teams. I need to do better this week.

2. We had 1300 people at The Wednesday Connection last night. I'm so excited to see our church hungry for relationships and God's Word.

3. This Sunday's stomp/dance performance is going to be off the charts. Seriously, don't you dare miss this one.

4. Invite and bring everybody you know to church on Sunday. You know people who need to experience the life-changing power of God.

5. The Dallas Cowboys need to clobber the Bears on Sunday. One of our staff members is a Bears fan, and I need to have the leg up in trash talking. :)

6. We are in a season of inspecting the areas that are weak in our church. We have identified a weakness, and we are getting it corrected.

7. I absolutely dislike a weakness that happens right under your nose, and you have no clue until things begin to spin out of control. I am grateful that we caught the weakness before it became a major problem, and we are all over it now. Thank you, Jesus!

8. I'm grateful to God for how my kids are growing up with a heart for Jesus. Tiffany and I already see a passion for the things of God in our kids.

9. My two oldest sons are enjoying school. Cade, my 5-year old, has come out of his shell and is really outgoing.

10. I thank God constantly for my great family, my faithful and hardworking staff, my wonderful church family and for abundant life! BLESSED!