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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Northpointnow.org Is A Great Church

I had a great time teaching God's Word in all 5 weekend experiences for my good friend, Tommy Sparger, at North Point Church in Springfield, MO. I’ve preached 4 or 5 years in a row at North Point Church and have seen God work in an incredible way throughout the years. I want to share with you why I think North Point is a great church.

1. They are passionate about reaching people far from God. They don't just talk about it, but they actually have systems and spend dollars to make this happen.

2. They have great and passionate worship.

3. They have volunteers/lay leaders who love people and serve passionately in the church.

4. They make it clear how people can grow in their relationship with Christ.

5. They have an environment where everyone is welcome.

6. They are teaching the Bible in a way that people can apply it to their daily lives.

7. Lives are being changed on a weekly basis.

8. They have authentic leadership.

9. They have visionary leaders. Tommy is a visionary leader. He is always thinking about where the church is going.

10. They are more excited about their future than they are their past (This church could live in the past because it's pretty awesome. Running over 4000 in 7 years...WOW)

11. They invest heavily into the next generation. A huge part of North Point's focus is on kids and students.

12. They invest heavily into the community and missions around the world. Once a month, the church does a community project. This church is constantly making a difference in their community.

13. They are a staff-led church, so when God is speaking to them about change they can make decisions quickly.

14. They have a leadership culture.

15. They are lifting the name of JESUS high! The focus of North Point is Jesus, not religion, denomination, rules or politics.