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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finishing Matters

In football, you can have a 15-play drive and march the ball 99 yards down the field, but if you don't get any points out of the drive, the big drive was a total letdown. The last yard matters in football. In baseball, you can hit the ball on the ground deep into the outfield, run to first, second and third bases and then sprint to home plate, but if you get tagged out right at home plate, the hit and all of the running around the bases were a letdown. Crossing home plate matters. Finishing matters! In life and ministry, finishing matters. We can't run 99 yards in life and ministry and not score the touchdown. We can't drive the baseball deep into the outfield in life and ministry and not cross home plate. Finishing matters!

1. Living for Jesus ALL of your days is crucial. Finishing matters!

2. Staying in love and committed to your spouse until death do you part is crucial. Finishing matters!

3. Raising and investing in your kids until they are ready to fly on their own is crucial to parenting. Finishing matters!

4. Staying committed to the church God has called you to pastor, attend, serve or worship at during good and bad days is crucial. Finishing matters!

5. Working hard and with integrity every day until your career comes to an end is crucial. Finishing matters!

6. Being a godly role model every day for others to follow is crucial. Finishing matters!

7. You need to ____________________________________ (fill in the blank) because FINISHING MATTERS!