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Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. What a fun Sunday at PC! This was one of the best Sundays ever at PC!

2. Tons of lives were changed by the power of Christ!

3. The Nutcracker drum performance was more than unbelievable. If you missed it, we are doing an encore performance this Sunday. Be at PC and invite everybody you know to come experience an amazing performance.

4. The University of Central Oklahoma's orchestra did an incredible job. Before church started, they played four Christmas songs. During the experiences, they performed The Beatles’ song Eleanor Rigby (All The Lonely People).

5. Brian Rush, our Programming Director at PC, did a super great job singing The Beatles’ song!

6. I thought the message went really well. I know God deeply ministered to many people on the subject of loneliness. I'm so grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit.

7. We handed out candy canes to everybody who showed up early to church. People got to eat candy canes and enjoy the orchestra’s Christmas music before church started.

8. We were over 1470 people more than the same Sunday last year.

9. This Sunday we have another special surprise for those who show up early to PC! Be there and enjoy the fun!

10. My wife and I went to see the movie New Moon. It was average at best. Blind Side is a much better movie.

11. I had a lot of fun with my family this weekend. My kids are so much fun. Tiffany and I enjoy those little rascals so much.

12. My kids like eggnog! Yea! Now my goal is to get them to like chitterlings!

13. Way to go Creative Team, Musicians and Production Team. It was an amazing Sunday. You people inspire me.

14. Nebraska should have beat Texas.

15. The Dallas Cowboys have to win in December at some point. The sooner the better.

16. It looks like I'm going to win in all 6 fantasy football leagues again. I won one game without a kicker because the Saints made a kicking change.

17. REVOLUTION CHRISTMAS! Invite everybody you know to church this Sunday!