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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. I have a huge announcement to make! I mean it is really big! Here it goes: I won all 6 of my fantasy football league games this past week. That usually only happens once or twice a year. It is hard to win in all six leagues in the same week, so I'm proud of myself.

2. My wife isn't pregnant!

3. My wife's favorite words to say are, "Oh my word." My wife is so funny to me. She keeps me laughing.

4. Cale's favorite words to pray are, "Let us all have fun tomorrow." He usually begins his bedtime prayers with that. Love it!

5. Revolution Christmas is going to be awesome! This Sunday will be one of the best experiences ever at People's Church.

6. Be sure to get to church 15 minutes early on Sunday because we have a special surprise for you. This is the first time I've ever told you to get to church before the experience starts. Don't you miss out on the fun and excitement!

7. This Sunday, there will be a Nutcracker performance, a 12-piece orchestra will be performing a Beatle's song before I speak and there will be snow in the building! All I'm saying is you better be there!

8. PC'ers, who are you bringing to church with you this Sunday? Go for it! Ask somebody to come to church with you! Better yet, bring somebody to church with you! Jesus is in the life-changing business!

9. Still interviewing! God is helping us!

10. I love the team I get to serve with at PC!

11. My office at church is always cold. I have had bad office luck with this new building. Oh well, God is good, and they are trying to fix the problem!

12. The stage set design for Revolution Christmas is the best we've ever had!

13. The Production Team is amazing!

14. My oldest son's birthday is today! Cale is 6 years old today! I can't believe it! How time flies! Happy birthday, buddy!

15. Cale has started to really like football and basketball. I love having a sports buddy!